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Last 6 month is technicolour

Posted in Africa, Food, plants, reggae on August 7, 2012 by olbiiyah

The last 6 months have run quick, too quick. Feeling less and less time to update the blog with runnings as runnings don’t run themselves. So pictures of my last 6 month will have to do and there are a lot. More exciting than my literal incompetence……

Mari & Gold

 Abashanti @ Leicester Carnival

 Rain @ Leicester Carnival

 The beginning of a beautiful Wisteria, thanks Mum

 Jerk Fish

Home made BBQ from salvaged bricks and a chimney

 This years second Gooseberry yield

Porridge from the homelands

Egg and rice


Previous mess

Evening primrose


Sorrel leaf salad, Rosemary for lamb and potatoes, mint for tea, Sage for Lamb, Chives for Potato salad, Red Currant for Duck etc

 Spicy tofu

 Stank of Piss

 Best Restaurant we went to in Morocco (not hard) Went for breakfast and dinner for 3 days in a row. Great Pigeon Pastillas!

 Agadir – can’t remember what it says

 Essaouira Harbour



In play betting

Saharan sunset


On set of Tremors starring Kev Bacon



Hill and Valley

Monkey fingers

Lonely donkey

Spot the stork?


Miniature Pomegranate

In bloom Bonsai

First festival of the year in Wales


Football crazy Football mad, Last day of the season multiscreen

Lemon citron

Chicken livers in sherry sause

Crab linguine

Brother Culture, I and Dub Judah

First time bloomer in lounge since bloomed again

Old bud in Portico Quartet, Birmingham Town Hall

St paddys day, Digbeth

Home grown broc

First loaf I’ve made

Ital Food for event. That to …..

this £5

Ruff und Rugged Roofrack

Posted in Food, Jungle, reggae on February 5, 2012 by olbiiyah

Put it on the roof rack! 

Summer rewind

Posted in Food, Jungle, reggae on February 5, 2012 by olbiiyah

Snow has jus fallen upon the midlands and much of the UK it wouldseem and I’m still catching up with the summer and trying to work out what happened!

Secret Garden festival Moomalicious, Bongoton and I. Glad I had my hair to keep me warm because had no tent or bedding.

Shambala with Whomanity and fam.

Boomtown Festival with my boy Aries

More Boom chilling with the Steel City Massive and Isabel.

Jus after rocking the Roots Yard to its core at Shambala with MadMax and Debra

Shambala with Pablo Rider

I had the duty to look after the all conquering Congo Natty and fam. Burnt my hand heating patties for all of them, no body goes hungry on my watch!

Nothing doing

Posted in Food, reggae on February 1, 2012 by olbiiyah

Nothing doing (English football saying): when a referee does not call foul on an ambiguous tackle that divides the crowd…. also describes my inability to maintain this blog.

Since my last post things have happened, foods been eaten and events have been run.

Taken from my time selecting in Aber. I had loads of absolutely beautiful pictures from there but lost my phone and

Naphtali Warrior and I at Skarumba Hi Fi

Rock-pooling! One of my favourite past times as a kid. Many a day I spent knee deep at the front of Sea View in Isle of White. Crabwalking

Wet Clarks

Seaweed one of natures miracle workers.

love that shit
to much Wales done



Posted in aquatics, Food, reggae with tags , , , on August 10, 2011 by olbiiyah

Jus got back from a much need holiday and it would seem the UK has gone to shit. The worst kinda riot an unrighteous one that sees yout fuck up the place for shits and giggles. Little fryers that suck the life outta poor communities, a result of a lack of heavy manners at the home and social neglect. Jah needs to strike them with the rod of correction for the devil finds work of idle hands. My heart goes out to the good honest people that have worked all their lives to set up small businesses like that of my friends at Ideal Skate Shop and Hatman that have been looted.

Should have stayed in Spain….


Cambino Serra.




Prawn cocktail on a Scorpion Fish bed.

Duck confit say no more.

Prentice a apprentice, mantice a mantice. Rescued from a pool

everyday, This was served to me by a Real Madrid legend that used to play for them in the 70s can’t remember his name but big up your badself and all the Torrevieja crew.

me and the Governor Reggae legend Joseph Cotton. Proud moment!

at home in El Mojon, is this a Honeysuckle? Answers in please…

A dog Mr Chiwawa named after me.

And thats your lot hope it provided you a light relief from all shit going down outside.

At home and on thy journeys

Posted in Bike, Food with tags , , , , , on March 19, 2011 by olbiiyah

Got an ipone, journeys to Smethwick just ain’t the same!

more fire, Moor Street Station, Brum.

British Telecom rocket sight, Snow Hill Station, Brum

the station at the edge of the Earth, Moor Street, Brum

egg, tomato, onion, capers, rocket, pasta….

egg and pea biryani. Egg the poormans feast.

spring gwan sprung.

oxtail, top meat for 2011

badmans of Balsall Heath drive Ariel Atoms. 

Wickedness increase

Posted in Food, reggae on January 24, 2011 by olbiiyah

I realise I’ve been rather slack as of late interms of blog focus. Its mainly been shameless promotion of my promotions which I suppose ain’t no bad ting. THIS IS JAMAICA 86′ was large! Great crowd, old and young and great music from all involved big up Bongo Damo for filling the void. This has spurred me on to do more secular nights focusing on specific eras of Jamaican music. I’m being selfish and doing nights that focus on my personal favourites, so ‘THIS IS JAMAICA 86′ is done with great success, ‘Strictly RUB A DUB we a go play!’ is next, DEEP ROOTS to follow and then RAGGA RAGGA RAGGA! Of course the LOMBARD ROYALE’s less stringent events will continue, but fuck it you’ve got to have a bit of fun and teach the youts the truth!

Anyway here is a collection of nice pictures of tings I made (bar the Fig muffin that Bobbie made) I have to put these up or they’ll fester in the soon to be replace Sony Ericsson.

Spicey Egg & Tomato Tart

Port a Rican Chicken & Rice

Bobbie’s Fig muffins

My over grown trof of tropical delight containing, Chilli, weird purple Moroccan plant, Mexican hat plant and spider plant.

This is the first collection of chillies from that same plant, grown in doors then outdoors from may in Moseley, Birmingham. In total I got about 100 chillies off this plant this crop were real hot, the later crops not so much so! This plant ain’t doin so well now due to a cold sunless winter window spot but if it can survive expect more for summer 2011.

Another Installment

Posted in Christmas, Food, Jungle, reggae, Version Galore with tags , , , , , , , on October 29, 2010 by olbiiyah

All booked and banged out. The next installment of Lombard Royale is on it way and this one is large. We’re teaming up with The Big Dirty to bring the people of Birmingham A VERY RAGGA CHRISTMAS. Jus like Christmases of ye olde!

A night of undiluted Raggamuffin runnings!

by special request………




JAM JAH SOUNDSYSTEM (Friendly Fire Music)

DEAN ASHMORE & ROB LAW (Assassin Sound System)

MR MUZ (Home Cookin’)


more tbc.

2 falls
3 sound systems
3 bathrooms
1 kitchen
2 bars
1 Roof Terrace
Nuff Entertainer

There will be Caribbean Food Served all night long baby!

£8 on the Gate



Label owner, producer and DJ, Liondub comes correct! An authentic product of Brooklyn, his musical mindset was formed at the crossroads of major international bass vibrations originating from Jamaica, NYC and the UK. Inspired by the global rhythm culture emanating from the streets beneath his feet, Liondub has spent a lifetime pounding that very pavement in pursuit of his passion for bottom-heavy beats.

Always armed with a current arsenal of jungle/dubstep &
reggae dubplate specials, Liondub’s soulful, explosive, unique, and precise sets have gone down a storm on stages shared by a lengthy list of legends and luminaries including Sly & Robbie, The Fugees, Sister Nancy, Johnny Osbourne, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, The Beatnuts, Smith & Mighty, DJ Kush, Afrika Baambaata, Jazzy Jay, DJ Hype, Andy C, Goldie, Pinch, Loefah, Kryptic Minds and Damian Marley to name but a few.

Check this link for Liondub & David Boomah on Kool FM



(Digital Soundboy, Ganja,Pure Vibes, Congo Natty, Liondub)

A legend in Jungle and D&B, a versatile mic man with nuff top dubs under his belt. Worked with the likes of Rebel MC, Shy FX, Benny Page, Curtis Lynch Jr, G Corp, Stenchman, Demolition Man as well as LionDub International.



(Big Dutty, Drop Beats Not Bombs)

Heavy like led Dubstep DJ/Producer, from outta Brum. No doubt a crucial mix of Reggae inspired Dubstep and hardline duttiness.



(Friendly Fire Music)

Not much needs to be said bout Jam Jah South Birminghams Premier Sound System. Expect Reggae, Dancehall, Dubstep and Jungle from Robidon, Bongo Damo, Olbi Iyah and of course MC Pablo Rider.



(Assassin Sound System)

Bring their own sound to town, D&B and Jungle to the max.



(Home Cookin’, Munchbreak)

Towing the Ragga Party line, Muz will be rocking the Ragga Hip-Hop flex.

Check fi the TV



(Big Dutty)

More Dubstep for yal,


Love & Abide


That was then this is now!


respec to all entertainers and crew…..

Retreating Summer

Posted in Food, reggae on September 5, 2010 by olbiiyah

Been proper slack and not been on the blogging tip since Sugar died. Had a good birthday, had a great Shambala festival as always, enjoyed Bobbie’s birthday very muchly as we went to Simpsons for lunch. Well worth it trus!

I’ll go into detail about a few of my mis-adventures in time but for now feast your mince pies pon my next event.

Conserva wha?

Posted in Food, reggae, Version Galore on June 3, 2010 by olbiiyah

So since my last post we’ve had a change in regime, storms making holes in Guatemala, stand offs in Korea, Israelis up to their usual tricks and we’re inching ever closer to the World Cup. A time when even the most nonchalant sports fan dwells on the glory of footy. I’m quietly confident that we won’t win, it would be nice but if not then I hope an African team does well. I jus enjoy the spectacle and the festival fever that grips the world around you. Could you imagine seeing Kim Jong Il in the terraces going wild at the ref or shouting ‘who ate all the pies’ at the Americans.

Had a good week got bits and bobs done, since coming back from the Big British Castle I hadn’t played out that much, so its been nice to get back at it. The radio has been running smooth. I had a nice weekend in london and went see University Of Dub on the friday which was good and very loud. I ration Steppas really good so too was Abashanti, Fatman had a few difficulties but was good nonetheless, maybe a bit quiet in comparison which was probably for the best considering the ringing in my ears. Shit I’m getting old!

Went to see Channel One on the Sunday. Wasn’t all that due to a lack of sound system, should have got my ass together and seen Turbulence down Brixton. Oh well.

Had some nice food down london, also had one of the worst currys ever down Brick Lane. Time to name and shame, you never know i might get my own Tv program like that guy off the Esure advert Micheal Mutherfucking Winner!

Had a great light lunch at this place. Nice shredded prawn and pak chio soup jus the right size and nice delicate taste, Bobbie had a Wanton soup she said it was good and I believe her as I didn’t get a look in. A fresh beef jerkie and peanut salad, very tasty and good textures. To finish we had some good frogs legs in a salty light batter. Altogether a good midday meal, not expencive and not to fancy. Would I eat here again yes!

Later on we went to meet Whomanity for a few drinks down at the Reggae Roast night. By this point we were once again starving. Harrast into a curry house offering free drinks and 30% off (the portion size) we embarked on what was to be the worst curry I’ve had for some time. I ordered a King Prawn Shwalawla bingbang or something like that. It was supposed to be one the Chef specials at £11, Bobbie had a Lamb ting. I remember getting it, taking the first spoon looking at Bobbie and saying “3” thats my score out of ten and the number of prawns I got fo my money (jus by the number “3” she could tell my opinion, no explanation needed) . I get 30 prawns for that at wing yip. Beer was watered down, the service was so bad it was funny. “How was your meal?” to be honest not very good, 3 prawns,a few slices of pepper and some bland juice. The Lamb thing weren’t any good neither, it tasted like peshawri naan! Incidentally the peshawri naan was actual quite nice.

The waiter jus smiled at me like a demented fool. We were the fools for going there, the place is shit don’t bother going there. Some cockney wideboy later was trying to stick up for it saying they don’t do good balti, yo I’m from Birmingham, I can virtually smell the stench of balti emanating from the curry triangle (highgate, balsall, sparkbrook) if I wanted a balti I’d have gone home. I wanted a Bangladeshi meal, what I got was plated shit!

Trust this place is good, if your in brum, Grameen Khana on Ladypool rd. Really good food, especially the fish dishes as you’d expect for the Bangladeshis’. Interesting surroundings and completely over the top. Think waterfalls, neon, plasmas, granite and plenty of brushed aluminium for good measure.

Had a packed out show down at la Bulls Head, Bank Holiday Bananza Jam Jah style. Dance cork till a morning.

Bad boys on best behaviour, no fights jus good vibes! There is a new Sherif in town and she has commented on rugged nature of our weekly night, that has been running for over a decade I’ll have you know. We don’t insight violence we condem it, playing as much roots as we can seems to counter the badness but its out of our control for the most part “I’m not bad man, I’m a selector I come fi play music!”. Its not my fault Ninja Man sounds so good.

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