If the fish had kept his mouth shut he’d never have got caught!

My Black Widow (fish) has been taumenting the Angel fish for too long, now he has to sleep with the Convicts! One of the poor fish has but a stump for a tail and that is going moldy.

This is going to be one of those weeks that tests my Dj stamina I have my radio today, a sound clash tomorrow at Dubmatic, that Roots & Culture dance and then either Kieth Lawrence or London on Saturday.

Last weeks show is online for all that want to hear. Its the Johnny Osborne special, running through some of peoples favourites and off the beaten track as always…I must admit the stream doesn’t work all that well my end, but hold tight I will eventually get my act together and buy some space to run this blog and make it so you can get every show no probs.

Old Time SomeTing was jolly nice last week, the Yard Bird was as busy as I’ve seen it. I some how managed to get some energy for somewhere and go to Rodigan down at the Newt. Its was a good dance but as stush as always. Yo if my hair is in your girls face…short of having a hair cut in the bogs I can’t do shit! ‘move forward boy!’ I’m practically grinding next men in front, you move back and stop tapping on the head. Good dance none the less I hope there are more of the same. Rodigan…no offence to the other selectors on the night but he blew them out of the water. His selection wasn’t the best, I’ve heard hours of soundclash tapes and some of the dubplates especaially the ones from the 80s are nothing short of perfection. What makes him a great entertainer and the best selector is his presence and abuilty link music and time by relating it directly to his own experience. ‘Everyman do his ting a little way different’ is the best way to sum up selecting. I don’t talk I jus play music and Pablo or some other MC chats, Rodigan talks sense linking tunes with times in his life that also relate to common cultural bonds. He has a good balance of chat (not to much) and expert timing, whilst most of the other selectors talked to much and ruined my enjoyment of the tunes. I didn’t need to know about every dance you’ve done or are going to do for the foreseeable future during your 20minute set. Jus play your tunes (preferably on vinyl but I’m not fussy) and let a stronger level of continuity form. I went to hear tune and dance, I’ve got big bad and heavy taping me on the head, a long wait for drink and a StingDem FM advertisement break. I’m only joking, it was cool but everyone likes a certain thing and I’m good at pionting out what I don’t like.

‘Gwan Rodi!!!!’ dem a shout. People that don’t know bout Rodigan I imagine that some on first glances compare him to DJ Derick. Its like night to day for me, or Premier League / Dockmartins South East. Their similarities stop at being older white gentlemen.

Next chapter……….

Yeah I started this post a while ago but due to laziness and other tings (namely Logic Pro) I won’t alter it, but jus let you know of the fact. It probably wouldn’t have been very exciting anyway, I’d started to waffle and scrape the barrel for tings to fill it.

So now all those events have happened. I’ve done another couple of radio shows and I won the sound clash against Bobby Bangerman thanks to a unanimous decision from the judges (your checks are in the post). I also managed to get in fight trying to calm down a shituation at the night, some big old bastard lamped me in the eye as a gang set about punching frantically at me and Feva. Niether of us were hurt but odd non the less.

the Organizer wrote…

Last nite Dubmatic battles were crazy, first battle was hard fought n Olbi Iyah came out punchin(literally) second battle was a rumble in da rainbow wit Jerm2 bashin dubstep all ova da place well done lads

As mentioned earlier I have finally got the production wheels in motion and started using Logic, this morn I had a revelation of how to make a nice bass sound through ES2. I’ve gone for a less wobbly sound than is often used by dubstep dons, so in about 2 years time I may be happy with some musical creations or have given up but until then stay tuned.

I also got a call back from BBC 6music today and I’m going to be doing a month internship. Chuffed… would be the best way to describe my emotion, I’m a tad dubious about spending a month in London but hell some people have to live there full time so I’m not complaining.

This photos from the Relative gig in january finishing the night on ‘Give a little Love’ by Johnny Osborne. Its great to see audiences react well to tunes you adore. The Scientist dub smashed it with Pablo all over it. A good night was had by all!

Oh! Putting the Black widow in with the Convicts was a great move they knocked seven shades of shit out of him, thus lowering his esteem. I put him back in the relative calm of the down stairs tank and so far he’s been good. The Angel fish needed me to do a bit of surgery on his tail (cut off the manky bit) and now it has started to grow back and is looking very health.

The calm was broken by the the introduction of a male Siamese that I rescued. He was looking like a sack of shit. Dull, depressed and disheveled are words that best describe him. The Black Widow (that was still king of the hill regardless of his recent trip to the tank upstair) set about the poor scowt to mark his territory.

The Siamese was onces again relegated to reside behind the pump like a proud stallion sent to the glue factory. So I thought! The old boy wasn’t letting himself go down like that and today brought the fight to him…Bold as brass he took his food then chased the ugly git round the tanks like a crazed wolf. Siamese or Bette Fish have a glad next to there gills that puffs up to give the impression they’re as hard as nails jus like that dinosaur that eats that fatty guy on Jurassic Park. Now the title of my hardest fish is wide open, the oldest Angel is starting to look a little tasty too.

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