Come from country in a country truck, Living in a city I have to push me luck!

Olbi Iyah can often be seen and heard live and in full affect alongside Jibbering and Jam Jah Sound Systems, he also runs a monthly night with Matty Garber called ‘Lombard Royale’.

“My love of reggae music goes back to when I was a yout growing up in Warboys a little village in the fen (Cambridgshire). I was into all sorts of music, but at about thirteen I started getting into electronic music like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and all that Warp and Ninja Tune ting. We couldn’t really go to pubs and clubs as we looked too young, because we were! So we tended to go to free parties or raves as dem say. We knocked around with my mates older brothers who were big junglist.

I found that the ragga style was the only style that carried any swing with me. In time I start collecting reggae. 8 years later I’m in Birmingham a city with serious reggae heritage, playing out quite a bit and loving the music as much as ever.

The best event I’ve played at was Shambala festival this year. Selecting for my supper! Played everyday, lucky I took two full record boxes. On the Sunday I played after Smith and Mighty which was jolly nice. I was  nervous, there was a huge crowd and I had to play after the legendary Bristolian duo. First record I played skipped, but after that everyting was cris! Pure niceness!”

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