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The Mystic Revelation of Olbi Iyah’s Record box…

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Thats right Deep Roots Like Dirt 1972-78

Wow! Not uploaded any mixes for time so….

This selection comes straight from vinyl and showcases the dark, deep and militant roots that often gets over looked and under played.

I did this mix in the summer 11′ but failed to upload it due to sheer laziness. It only seems right to dedicate this selection to the memory of John Girling a friend and long time supporter of the Birmingham reggae scene. I know he would have loved this selection and feel sorry that he never got to hear it.

RIP Jon Girling (Zen, Obi 1)


Fire pon a dead ass

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So I’m trying to catch up with myself. Here is a few pics that probably convey my runnings better than I can literally.

Halloween dance…

great dance but sadly the only pic I got from the dance was this beautiful show of King Beyond coming from straight from beyond the grave.

oh jus found this one of the Ital pumpkin stew I made for this event.


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Jus got back from a much need holiday and it would seem the UK has gone to shit. The worst kinda riot an unrighteous one that sees yout fuck up the place for shits and giggles. Little fryers that suck the life outta poor communities, a result of a lack of heavy manners at the home and social neglect. Jah needs to strike them with the rod of correction for the devil finds work of idle hands. My heart goes out to the good honest people that have worked all their lives to set up small businesses like that of my friends at Ideal Skate Shop and Hatman that have been looted.

Should have stayed in Spain….


Cambino Serra.




Prawn cocktail on a Scorpion Fish bed.

Duck confit say no more.

Prentice a apprentice, mantice a mantice. Rescued from a pool

everyday, This was served to me by a Real Madrid legend that used to play for them in the 70s can’t remember his name but big up your badself and all the Torrevieja crew.

me and the Governor Reggae legend Joseph Cotton. Proud moment!

at home in El Mojon, is this a Honeysuckle? Answers in please…

A dog Mr Chiwawa named after me.

And thats your lot hope it provided you a light relief from all shit going down outside.

Another Installment

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All booked and banged out. The next installment of Lombard Royale is on it way and this one is large. We’re teaming up with The Big Dirty to bring the people of Birmingham A VERY RAGGA CHRISTMAS. Jus like Christmases of ye olde!

A night of undiluted Raggamuffin runnings!

by special request………




JAM JAH SOUNDSYSTEM (Friendly Fire Music)

DEAN ASHMORE & ROB LAW (Assassin Sound System)

MR MUZ (Home Cookin’)


more tbc.

2 falls
3 sound systems
3 bathrooms
1 kitchen
2 bars
1 Roof Terrace
Nuff Entertainer

There will be Caribbean Food Served all night long baby!

£8 on the Gate



Label owner, producer and DJ, Liondub comes correct! An authentic product of Brooklyn, his musical mindset was formed at the crossroads of major international bass vibrations originating from Jamaica, NYC and the UK. Inspired by the global rhythm culture emanating from the streets beneath his feet, Liondub has spent a lifetime pounding that very pavement in pursuit of his passion for bottom-heavy beats.

Always armed with a current arsenal of jungle/dubstep &
reggae dubplate specials, Liondub’s soulful, explosive, unique, and precise sets have gone down a storm on stages shared by a lengthy list of legends and luminaries including Sly & Robbie, The Fugees, Sister Nancy, Johnny Osbourne, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, The Beatnuts, Smith & Mighty, DJ Kush, Afrika Baambaata, Jazzy Jay, DJ Hype, Andy C, Goldie, Pinch, Loefah, Kryptic Minds and Damian Marley to name but a few.

Check this link for Liondub & David Boomah on Kool FM



(Digital Soundboy, Ganja,Pure Vibes, Congo Natty, Liondub)

A legend in Jungle and D&B, a versatile mic man with nuff top dubs under his belt. Worked with the likes of Rebel MC, Shy FX, Benny Page, Curtis Lynch Jr, G Corp, Stenchman, Demolition Man as well as LionDub International.



(Big Dutty, Drop Beats Not Bombs)

Heavy like led Dubstep DJ/Producer, from outta Brum. No doubt a crucial mix of Reggae inspired Dubstep and hardline duttiness.



(Friendly Fire Music)

Not much needs to be said bout Jam Jah South Birminghams Premier Sound System. Expect Reggae, Dancehall, Dubstep and Jungle from Robidon, Bongo Damo, Olbi Iyah and of course MC Pablo Rider.



(Assassin Sound System)

Bring their own sound to town, D&B and Jungle to the max.



(Home Cookin’, Munchbreak)

Towing the Ragga Party line, Muz will be rocking the Ragga Hip-Hop flex.

Check fi the TV



(Big Dutty)

More Dubstep for yal,


Love & Abide


That was then this is now!


respec to all entertainers and crew…..

Wickedness increase

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Version Galore 14th July 2010

Sugar Minott – Tribute to his Life and Works.

I’m lucky enough to have seen Mr Minott A few years back at Ruskin Hall with Stur Gav. I think I was the youngest whitest man in the dance. I could waffle on about how great a singer, producer and all round mr fix it he was but I ain’t going to bother because everyone knows he murkt it since how long. Jus listen to my musical celebration of some of my favourite records that I’ve amounted over the last decade.



This show goes from the early 70s with the vocal group African Brothers on to his work at Studio 1, then on to Channel 1, moving north to the Big Apple with Wackies, back to JA for his own Youth Promotion, crossing the pond to East London with Black Roots and finally back to JA to work with George Phang and Redman International.



  1. African Brothers – Lead us Dub
  2. African Brothers – Father Lead us
  3. African Brother – Hold tight
  4. Version
  5. Sugar Minott – The people got to know
  6. Version
  7. Sugar Minott – Roof over my head
  8. Version
  9. Sugar Minott – Vanity
  10. Version
  11. Sugar Minott – Jah Jah children
  12. Version
  13. Sugar Minott – Try love
  14. Version
  15. Sugar Minott – Mr DC
  16. Version
  17. Sugar Minott – So many things
  18. Version
  19. Sugar Minott – Walking through the ghetto
  20. Version
  21. Sugar Minott – Free Jah Jah children
  22. Version
  23. Sugar Minott – Sufferers Choice
  24. Sugar Minott – Ruff ole Life
  25. Sammy Dread – Rude Boy (M16)
  26. Lone Ranger – M16
  27. Sugar Minott – Wicked a go feel it
  28. Sugar Minott – Some time girl
  29. Sugar Minott – Genuine Lover
  30. Bullwackies All Stars – Version
  31. Jah Batta – Youthman
  32. Sugar Minott – International Herb
  33. Bullwackies All Stars – International Herb dub
  34. Sugar Minott – Hardtime Pressure
  35. Captain Sinbad – Hardtime Pressure
  36. Ranking Dread – Superstars
  37. Sugar Minott – No Vacancy
  38. Sugar Minott – Good Thing Going
  39. Sugar Minott – Nah follow fashion
  40. Tenor Saw – Roll call
  41. Charlie Chaplin & Sugar Minott – Four wheel wheelie
  42. Sugar Minott – Buy off the bar
  43. Little John – Jus Bubbling
  44. Sugar Minott – Nah go a South Africa
  45. Sugar Minott – War and Crime
  46. Sugar Minott – Don’t Distress
  47. Clement Irie – Kolo-ko
  48. Sugar Minott – Ram dancemaster



Nothing to report

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Sorry bout the inconsistent posts. Not much has been happening on the whole. The Rodigan session at the Hare was large, sell out, dance cork. It was all together a better dance the one at the Newt. Rodi played more dubplates in the this session, I think you can still hear it on Rhubarb (you want pt2). There was still a few idiots in the dance that believe it is there rights to come in for free…..Jus looking at that picture reminds me I had a chat with Bobbie Friction (nice guy) about Bobby Digital .

Lord I started writing this time ago, I’ve been in London village for a month working at the Big British Castle.

Very eventful! Got to see nuff celebs innit and got to see a couple of average wank bands like Hot Chip and some yankie guy with curls he was particularly crap. I didn’t manage a song by him before I made my excuses and went and bought a samosa.

(I realise my mindless rambling is boring so have a listen to my last Version Galore show with Jostafari.)

I shared a lift with diddly diddly Dale Winton, “love your work”. I remember as a kid we went to Florida or somewhere like that and some annoying couple befriended me Mum and Dad, you know the kind that write to you when you get back. How long the friendship lasted I don’t know! Anyway I was ill and had the day off school about a year later so I sat on my Nan’s sofa and watched telly, I probably had a hot toddy or two (brandy has been used in our family from way back when, ragga ragga from the age of 10). Would you believe it that the very same couple were on Supermarket Sweep. First time I ever seen anyone I know on TV. Straight estate!

Saw that twat Nick Griffin the other day, him and his gang look uncomfortable in their own skin. They need some new tailors too, those suits don’t sit right like their concepts of britishness and their understanding of the islands history.

Who else did I see….oh a guy who injects snake venom, that man off that program…Louie Spence (look Bobbie I didn’t refer to him a derogatory fashion, “good boy”). fortunately I’d left the studio to get a samosa when he decided to pull up his thong and wiggle his ass like a dancehall queen to some Major Lazer tune. At least when bashment is homophobic it limits the chances of seeing that horror.

There was talk of a real A-lister ‘Ray Mears’ coming in but it din’t happen, I’d have been first in line for his signature on my machet, I’d have bought an air rifle jus to get it signed! To be honest I saw loads of celebs yeah but the whole thing was on a bit of a downer after Ray’s no show.

So back in the manor, looking forward to the summer, world cup, talking about football, BBQs and stuff like that. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow and the thought of a Cuntservative government. I don’t hate many people but David Cameron can stay far! What a git, I don’t love Gordon but I rather him than that prick. I thought he’d grown back a set of balls when he’d called that woman a bigot, turned out he hadn’t and he promptly went back to her with his tail between his legs.

It’s no secret that I’m going to go green or liberal but even them have got me vex. Jerry Evans looks like a bit of a nonse (sorry you’re all thinking it) but I don’t vote based on what a person looks like. I think his campaign has gone perhaps as far as it can to push me away from voting for them. Their daily bombardment of propaganda is disgraceful in both the content and layout. The pictures are particularly counter productive with him in Moseley bog lookin like hes up to no good (illfitting suit), digging a hole with some old bigot (illfitting suit) and many more thought-provoking unrealistic action shots.

The way the pamphlets are worded are really disappointing just cheep stabs at the uselessness of the other two parties and mock newspaper grabs “Liberals odds on favourite to beat labour in Hall Green Ladbrookes“. Ernie seems like a good chap though he’ll get my vote, he got solar panels on the church. His suit seems to fit too!

I cycled past George Galaway the other day. Yeah he was stuck in traffic outside Euston, what a sucker…No chance of me voting for Respect neither! If it rebranded itself as Respec’ I may think about it. I reckon whats her face will get in down Balsall Heath/Sparkbrooke, she gwan bout ‘respect, justice, equality, peace’ forget that get rid of the people who throw their shit on the street seven days a week and the rats will fuck off too. No if I was living across the B12 broader I’d vote for her over a labour candidate.

Warrior Queen this friday down there at the Rainbow, should be a jolly good night. Jus in case I don’t write another post for sometime we’ve got Bongo Chilli on the 21st of May and some Back to the Future Night the following evening. The later was a revival ting so nuff roots, rockers and rub a dub from me…

So this weeks radio show, its not like me to be so on it but I can give you the track listing…

Once again big props to Joss for providing a different energy to the show all being well Gman is back on it next week.

Love & Abide

Version Galore 5th of May 2010

  1. Attaras – Brimstone & Fire
  2. Joe Higgs – Cool fire
  3. Israel Vibration – Same Song + Version
  4. Johnny Clarke – Brothers & Sisters
  5. King Tubby & The Aggravators – Dub
  6. Bunny Lee & The Aggravators – Rebellion Dub
  7. Konshens – No more tears
  8. Gappy Ranks – Heavy Load
  9. Chezidek & U Roy – Teach them
  10. Tarrus Riley – Poverty nah inna Fashion
  11. Johnny Clarke & Fanton Mojah – Rebel with a cause
  12. Dennis Brown – Exit (special dedication to Mr G.Brown)
  13. Wayne Smith – Icky over mi
  14. Tonto Irie – Life Story (long time I’ve wanted this)
  15. General Smiley – Natty Natty
  16. Mcpullish – Natty Dub
  17. Richie Phoe – Electric Boogie
  18. U Brown – ?
  19. Earl Sixteen – Victims
  20. Michael Rose – ?
  21. Joseph Cotton – Plant the Vegetables
  22. Supercat – Ghetto Hot
  23. Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb
  24. General Levy – Champagne Body
  25. Nardo Ranks – Dem a Bleach
  26. Ninja Man – The Return (Yush!)
  27. Saba Tooth – Witness
  28. Gregory Peck – Poco man Jam
  29. Cutty Ranks – Retreat
  30. Shabba Ranks – X-rated
  31. King Kong – Riddle me This
  32. Ray Darwin – Nothing touch the 45
  33. Richie Phoe – Bumpy’s Lamet

Enjoy yourself! Things could be worse you could have just listened to Cameron’s desert Island disks…

Maybe the Top 20 7s I bought this year – Sponsored by Moon Pig ‘Totally Spiffing!’ cards

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Itsssssssssssss Christmasssssssss! I’ve got a lissssssssp! Why thank you Santa! Nothing that exciting has been happening to me of late, apart from being cold professionally. I’d like to thank Christ for being born and granting some kind soul the ingenuity to invent Long Johns and Fisherman’s Friends. Beeeeeeeautiful!

Of course it is important to remember what Christmas is all about….. little baby Jesus who happen to be born on Christmas day jus Like my mate Alexi (they get all their years presents on one day). Unlike Alexi, Jesus wasn’t actually born on Christmas day, the Catholic church thought it was a good idea to hijack the old pagan holiday. It jus works well innit!

What is Christmas without an ultimate chart run down as presented by Mark Goodyear? So I’ve done a top 20 run down of my favorite 7s as purchased this year…I think.

So without further a do!

At No.20 YT– England Story – Necessary Mayhem

Great British MC, this tune is a classic in the making, especailly for English reggae fan’s . Saw him perform this twice, once in Brum at a Friendly Fire night and at Rototom in Italy. That particular performance was why this will forever be dear to me. Nuff English people rep’in loads of Steel City Masssive. Really proud ting!

No.19 Lloyd Robinson – Cuss Cuss – Harry J

Original Cuss Cuss. This is an 80’s repress of the 69 original, love the riddim and not the only one cuss cuss in this years chart, trust.

No.18 Ninja Man – Number One – Bobby Digital

Maybe not number one in this chart but big none the less. Another example of a tune heard first in a jungle style. I have a heavy jungle version I bought many moons before I stumbled across this original. Aggressive in his delivery as always. One of the greatest intros. Fingers shaped like a gun!

No.17 Tenor Saw- I Know – Night Life Posse

Another Cuss Cuss in a digital style, Great tune, nice squelchy sound through it. Typically good singing from Tenor Saw. Very good quality repress.

No.16 Don Carlos – Hog and Goat – H. Lawes

One of his best in my opinion, ‘Tink a soldier man come with the ham and goat, little more spliff go down i man throat.’ imaginative lyrics, well sung and on great Scientist riddim. Rub a Dub gold! Sadly the wrong version is on the reverse.

No. 15 Senya & the Wailer Band- Children of the Ghetto – Impact

A classic 70s roots tune, righteous female vocalist, great riddim, well played in every way. The version is also boom. The late great Clive Chin.

No. 14 Lacksley Castell – Collie Tree – Firehouse

Great Yout singer, early 80s rub a dub pre digital business. ‘Hey mister, hey mister why can’t i plant my….’ great Scientist production at Tubby studio.

No.13 Big Youth – ? – Yabby U

Deep roots, on the Conquering Lion riddim by the original Jesus dread. A dark and moody riddim with deejay lyrics to follow. The name of the track I don’t know. Not the only moody roots pon it.

No.12 Errol Dunkley -Created by the Father –  Impact

A great cover of Dennis Brown, old-time roots. Once again another great version on the reverse.

No.11 Sylford Walker – Lambs Bread – Glen Brown

I could have put about 10 Glen Brown tunes in this chart, bought a lot this year. Great 70s deep roots and rockers. Mystical horns were his occupation. Lambs Bread is one of my favorites in more ways than one! Deuteronomy is classic.

No.10 Johnny Osborne – People a watch me – Studio 1

Quite possibly my favorite veteran singjay. 70s rub a dub about nosy people put their nose where it not belong. Sound Dimension riddim.

Hold tight the top 10 will be up soon!

Friendly Fire Christmas Party tonight whole heap of entertainers present @ the Hare an Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Right I’m back to finish what I started…….It is now 2010, two years till Armageddon time! Should be a good year if I can stay out of trouble.

No. 9  Sammy Levi – Come of the road – Eclipse Records

This is a true great UK digi track. Bags of 80s dancehall charm! Great vocals ‘cool operator’ sung in a style that parodies Sade’s ‘smooth operator’ which probably came out some time before.

No.8 Boom Back – Ghetto Life – C. Oswald

A great Archive repress of another track I’ve never heard anyone play. This is on the Frankie Paul’s ‘Worries in a Dance’ riddim. I know near to nothing about his vocalist. I imagine he did this in his youth and moved into obscurity with age. If you know let me know, I find the lives of many of these lesser-common artists to be very interesting. Click the image to hear

No. 7 Fred I Jah – Hell’s for hero – Original Music

Big tune on the ‘drunken sailor’ riddim.  Another artist with a un-prolific career. The repress is on Jah Woosh’s label.  Click the image to hear in the mix.

No.6 Joseph Cotton – Plant deh Vegetable – Serial P

This wicked track is by one of my favorite veteran deejays. Impeccable delivery as always, about a good ital diet! another Great version by Earl Sixteen on the reverse. Big repec to Robin out of Friendly Fire for getting me this one back from Paris. Great modern French production.

No.5 Big Youth – Can keep a secret – Keith Hudson

Mystically moody and right up my street! Only got this about a month ago can’t remember where. This is on the Melody Maker riddim and produced by the Dark Prince of Reggae music Keith Hudson. I’ve got few more on other 7’s and lps. The sparse riddim and dark delivery got this cut in the chart. Another toasting legend.

No.4 Ken Booth – Artibella- Phil Pratt

Simply a beautifully song about heart-break by a singer that conveys that emotion better than most. Great Augustus Pablo version on the reverse to boot.

No. 3 Brigadier Jerry – Jamaica Jamaica

Briggy in bad style! This is on a great cut of the ‘answer’ riddim. Basically bigging up Yard, nice bit of story telling. Goes great with Super Cats cut. Both have ‘Jamaica Jamaica’ as the chorus. I was going to put Struggles version of the Marley classic ‘Rainbow Country’ here but there is some ambiguity as to whether I bought it 09 or 08, the same could be said for Boom Back but jus run with it.

No. 2 Capleton – day mi born – African Star Music

Deal of the mother fucking decade! 50p at the Music and video exchange. Ruff and rugged ragga business. Starts with a classical piano intro, a slow burning b-line with cuts. Very limited percussion that is high on the reverb. The lyrics are righteously aggressive.

Once again never heard anyone play this out. It’s a tune that needs a patient crowd because its build up is long. It doesn’t full drop until the 3rd chorus at about 1min someting.

No.1 Joseph Cotton – Wicked Runnings – Education

Doing this chart was really hard, I’m still not sure this is my favorite as every 7″ carries merit. This is sadly another tune I’ve never heard anyone play. The 2nd in the this chart by Joseph and the 3rd on the ‘cuss cuss’ riddim. I beg you to listen and learn. The best album to get is the Moll Selecta one, but there is trailer loads of great single he’s done.

He’s another artist with an interest background, he is the son of Count Ossie the legendary ideological father of the musical Rasta community.

The lyrical content of this particular tune is heavy and aggressive in his criticism of the worlds race for scientifical advancement.  The Ranking Joe ‘One Jah’ on the same label compliments this nicely

Yeah, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little chart. I’m not going to do one for 10s, 12s or lps because it would jus take me to long.

I wish all good people a good year and bad people a bad one!


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