Tings for Sale

Tings for sale, tings for sale, expensive rings and Jimmy Nail.

Yeah I’ve got nuff stuff, actually too much. If you can buy some of it then I can buy some more.  You’ll also have a genuine piece of crap previously owned by me! No most of the stuff is of real quality.

Brand New Second Hand!

← This timeless piece is a 60s strobe as used before 1970. As you can see it has knobs and buttons like modern strobes, the only difference is theirs work correctly. No really it does work but I have no use for it. If I were recreating the 60’s psychedelia dance then this could be useful sadly I’m not.

Price ¥50

This lovely piece was from the Jinpow collection, fully framed and signed. Yeah it a print in a black frame and about the same size as a plasma TV. →

Very collectible very grotesque!

Price £150.00

↑ A bit more Jinpow, this elegant piece above thee crap house is of huge value, but can be yours for a few smaller pieces of paper. A3 size →

Price £74.32

← The next piece is somewhat of a signature picture for Jinpow, its nice! A3 size

Price £40.01

Another small Jinpow piece, one of my favorites. A3 size →

Price £ 50.13 (+ a couple of stamps)

←Would you believe it another Jinpow. Nice little Diet Jinpow sign in the corner. A3 size.

Price £ 50.03 (and a lift to the station)

Who’s this then, oh Jinpow. A2 ↓

Price £ 98.23

You’ll be happpy to know that this is the last Jinpow on offer..for now! It’s a bit dutty, pornstar sucking off a weird ball bag. Nice! One for the mantel piece next to the fam, perhaps next to your gran’s urn. Still wrapped. Big like a plasma ↓

Price £145.83

This next one is from Gareth Hulin the other selector on my radio show. I’m not that fussed bout selling this one. Quite happy to keep it! It’s of Prince Jazzbo and his son, it actually based on a Beth Lesser picture. This one is big, bad and heavy. It’s about as big as two plasmas and a dvd player. This one isn’t a print is a real life painting done with oil on canvas, there is only one of these in the world and you could have it. ↓

Price £ 301.36

↓ A very healthy orchid that is about to start to flower for the 3rd year in a row. The plant is growing out of a series of warped 12″s. I made quite a few of these different sizes and sold them all bar this one. If you’d like one made like then give me the plant you want potting and  I’ll make you one for a price relative to the tools and effort. For one this size you’re talking £15, they vary but we’ll come to an agreement first. They’re a really good gift I’m always told, I jus don’t have the space to keep them. So I’ve gone make to order you see.

Price £24.99

The last ting for now is my 2nd bike the Peugeot Etoile. You may be thinking why am I selling my pride and joy, the simple fact is that I need the dunza. I don’t want to sell it but I want to work on other projects. That said if you’ve got an old racing bike with a good solid frame and you don’t want it, then get in touch I may want it. I won’t go over £50, If you want a swish bike made for you from and old racer then get in touch too. I love working in my shed. I can restore old designs like my own or completely change the paint job and turn to a single speed. Yeah you can get a full run down of the components on my bikes page and a few more pictures.  Ideal for someone 5.2 to 5.11 (foot). →

Price £400

Ok new on the market, a customised road bike in very good condition. A strong sturdy frame, 18 gears and a nice matt white finish. Its not the best bike in the world but for its price its probably as good as it gets! ↓

£ 134.99

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